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You can sign up for your free website assessment anytime by submitting the form on our Home page or sending an email to support@grayorbit.com

If you currently already have a website, we will help you with the transition from your old hosting to ours and strive to make the process painless and easy for you. Generally, we can get this done the same day we receive your credentials.

Yes! This is actually one of the best times to use your annual 24 hours and put those hours towards the construction of your new website. That way, you just pay the difference at the discounted rate as a service member which is $30/hr (versus $95/hr). All you have to do to get started is make your first month’s payment of $195 and we will work with you regarding design ideas and the scope. This is perfect if you need a website now, but don’t want to invest a large amount of money immediately.

Yes, our service and hosting plan is WordPress specific therefore you will need to have a WordPress website to truly benefit from our Website Health Plan.

No, your hosting is bundled in with your Website Health Plan so there is no additional fee for our services outside of the $195/month.

You can start using your 24 hours for any upgrades and edits to your website immediately after becoming a member.

Any person or business that already has a WordPress website qualifies for our free trial.

Yes! If you have several websites you would like to manage with us, you will pay full price for the first one, then you will receive a 40% discount for every website thereafter.

Members may send their questions and requests directly to our ticketing system by sending an email to support@grayorbit.com